Sales broker: we are of value

You are looking for the best route from “For Sale” to “Sold”. We advise you from start of sale to signature. And offer a clear vision of the asking price, sales strategy and bids. This means that we completely unburden you; in communication, price negotiation, final details and ending with a good purchase contract. We are experienced in all these aspects, we know pitfalls and we always see possibilities. You enjoy the added value of an authentic, committed and active broker.

Do it yourself?

More and more people are tempted to (partly) do the sales themselves. And indeed, there is a lot to be found online, except for one thing: experience. With experience comes market knowledge and a sense of timing. With experience comes a large network, peace and security. We have that experience, we understand our profession like no other.

Digitally complete

Our offer is easy to find and we of course offer your house on Our social media specialists also optimally draw attention to every house.

Unique database

Kolpa van der Hoek is a partner for many seekers. We keep our own search database informed of recent developments. There is also an exchange within the NVM, whereby fellow NVM estate agents are informed that your home is for sale and they can also approach candidates with a purchase order.

Rotterdam connections

Kolpa van der Hoek is a member of the RVM, the Rotterdam Association of Brokers. A daily exchange of knowledge and housing also takes place within this network.

NVM Code of Honor

The rules that an NVM broker must adhere to are both written and unwritten rules. The most important written rules are in the NVM Code of Honor, but there are also Articles of Association and Regulations. The unwritten rules fall under the heading of good estate agent use, but also morality and good decency. The independent disciplinary judge rules when NVM members or NVM brokers do not comply with the rules.