Kolpa van der Hoek: Knowledge of value

In April 2020, Kolpa van der Hoek Makelaars Appraisers was created by the merger of Kolpa from Rotterdam (since 1915) and Van der Hoek Makelaars (since 1960) from Voorne-Putten.

This cooperation creates a “total office” with a working area in and around Rotterdam and Voorne-Putten.

The motto “Knowledge of value” was chosen for a reason. No real estate agency in the Netherlands has such a wide set of certifications and memberships as Kolpa van der Hoek.

The striking labels “Qualis” and “Sotheby’s International Realty” provide a good picture of the qualities at the top of the market. But also in the field of (business) appraisals, this unique real estate agency really has all certifications and memberships on board.

Kolpa van der Hoek is rightfully the specialist in all aspects of real estate. Knowledgeable. Your knowledge of value.